Circles for Soliloquy - documentation of land art created by Annie le Roux

Soliloquy with Seaweed

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“Shakespeare’s Ophelia used intentionally selected flowers as a language through which she could express herself and her own sorrow. This indirect way was safer than directly sharing her internal dialogue for fear of being shamed or pronounced insane.

This week I used seaweed found in the Keurbooms river. I picked it, cut it, shaped, weaved, dried, burnt and buried it and then released it back onto the river to be caught again by my own web spun with little sticks placed in the catchment area I have been studying in the lagoon. I intentionally used circles to be able to identify that which I had caught and released.

Out of the 67 released over the 24h period, by Saturday morning 43 found their way back to me. Battered, delicate, disintegrated and broken but clearly distinguishable by myself and the cultivated conscious eyes of coastal wanderers recently sensitised to the fragile line between art and nature. It is up to you to decide what this may mean. I would not dare share my internal dialogue for fear of ending up floating in the river too.”

  • Annie le Roux
    on her work for Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale, Plettenberg Bay, 10 – 17 August 2013