“It is only in the primordial landscape of the wild where silence, smells, wind, tides, sun, dust and rain still has a profound transcendent and palpable impact on our awareness and state of being. This consciousness in turn accentuates our vulnerability, nurtures our humility, and fosters the tender sense of our human limitations. It is from this fragile space where I am inspired to start my work”
– Annie le Roux



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Annie le Roux is an artist living and working in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Her land art work frequently echoes the simplicity of natural cells. She delights in the modest subtle colour combinations, shapes and textures found on site. Nature and its effect on our senses, perception and the human psyche is the source of Annie’s inspiration. She sees Nature as her sacred space, mentor, muse and healer.


Annie has a Diploma in Fine Art and Printmaking from The Ruth Prowse Art School where she studied under Eric Laubscher and Jonathan Comerford. She has complimentary qualifications in Clinical Hypno -Therapy, and other healing modalities and has worked with Death and Dying for many years. This often unspoken aspect of life, its delicacy, fragility, the beauty of decay and the ethos surrounding our human-ness (being human) is a constant presence in her art as is the transient and ephemeral nature of things.